We are a property technology company keen on leveraging technology to help real estate businesses gain a competitive advantage

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Leveraging Technology to Build Competitive Advantage in Real Estate Business!
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Leveraging Technology to Build Competitive Advantage in Real Estate Business!
More About Us

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Gaia Property Management is an innovative all-in-one solution that simplifies enterprises’ operations, automates property management processes, and manages real estate portfolios.

Our property management system software is ideal for landlords and property managers in Hong Kong, managing any types of property portfolio from property administration, space allocation to lease management.

Property professionals can manage their real estate portfolios efficiently via Gaia’s intelligent dashboard features in our property management software to provide greater control and visibility over business processes. We help fulfill all the needs of

Boost leasing performance with features built specifically to meet your property management needs!

Bring your HK business to the next level with our intuitive property management software. By using our system, you will be able to streamline operations whilst freeing up time for you to focus on aspects of your business that require your direct attention.



Get realistic forecasts on property vacancies, visual tracking and management of vacant/ occupied spaces. Elevate your business performance with our flexible, scalable solutions for office, industrial, and retail properties.

Portfolio Management

Property Management

Property Search

Tenant Management

Stacking Plan

Property Rule Engine

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Streamline the entire leasing operation with digital transactions for greater operational efficiency. Automated rental property accounting to boost forecasting accuracy with increased visibility.

Contract Management

Billing and Invoicing

Rent Collections

Credit Management

Day-to-day Activities

Key Date Notification

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Take advantage of the property management system’s fully built-in general accounting, as well as financial reports and analysis. Keep track of and audit all expenses and payments on a systematic basis through our billing and leasing system software.

Lease compliance

Financial Reporting

Advanced Consolidation

Budget and Forecast

Payment Management

Financial Close Management

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Facilitate interactions between sales and customers with an end-to-end solution by capturing and connecting marketing activities to improve customer experience. Empower your commercial operations with comprehensive lease management and detailed lease profiles.

Contact Management

Lead Management

Tenant Self-service Portal

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Flexible reporting allows you to make better business decisions and meet the need of complex ownership structures. Track incoming payments, view net operating income expenses, and analyze vital property portfolio and market statistics.

Responsive Data Tool

Management Dashboard

Portfolio Analytics

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Customize your experience with add-ons that cater your needs on business operations. Get a clear picture of your investment value and maintain the ability to make adjustments to achieve peak performance in the future

Document Generation

Workflow Automation

System Integration

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The Perfect Property Management Solution For Your Business!

GaiaPM is a flexible, robust, and sophisticated property management system to give your business a leading edge.

Our property management system is designed to automate the lifecycle of leasing and optimize your real estate business operations via one centralized platform. Through GaiaPM, you can:

If you have any further questions or want to know what GaiaPM can do for your business in Hong Kong, get in touch with us today.

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