Blog - Going Digital-Ten Observations

Going Digital – Ten Observations

Deeper digital enablement within your organization is going to happen, but all too often getting energized to start specific projects is in fact hindered by various elements of inertia. Typically, delays today are down to thinking through the finer details of how to justify a specific or group of projects, how to approach the execution […]
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Property Management – Gaining More Control

2023 is currently shaping up to be another memorable year with budget and FP&A preparations probably being internally headlined with typical corporate budget banter. In other words, revenue up, costs down, and all executed with improved productivity. This of course is always challenging at the best of times, but made far more difficult for next […]
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Digital Connections of a Different Kind

Revenues up, costs down, and all to be executed with improved productivity metrics, summarises the corporate drum beat from hereon in, as the impact of economic realities underpinned by higher global inflation rates and changing fx rates all go to influence corporate behaviour. Internal Headwinds Although the remainder of 2022 sees a little more economic clarity than […]
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Metaverse for Business

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an adage in multiple languages meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image….” (Source:-Wikipedia). However, the upcoming slowly emerging metaverse, which is on the horizon today, should certainly not be seen as a single still image, nor will the picture […]
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Blog - Approval & Compliance Business Workflows in Real Estate Industry

Approval & Compliance Business Workflows in Real Estate Industry

-Making them work Sanctions checks, avoiding business process compromise, and ensuring that capital expenditures procurement is seamlessly able to handle, where required, those all-important connected processes like insurance, ESG metrics, related building modifications (if any), or even specialist cybersecurity requirements, are three high level examples of business workflows that if not done well could adversely affect your bottom […]
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Blog - Digital CRM for Property Management Professionals

Digital CRM for Property Management Professionals

All strive to achieve productivity improvements combined with higher standards of risk management, a persistent ongoing challenge for us all. Not only that, but achieving positive continuous change that would improve overall customer interactions using CRM are often exacerbated by existing inefficient process interdependencies, as well as those separate disparate ones.  Data Everywhere Within Corporate […]
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Blog - Maintaining Focus in Turbulent Times

Maintaining Focus in Turbulent Times

Constantly changing business dynamics that impact revenue, cost and profit are clearly a fact of life. Unexpected troughs and peaks will always be there of course, but if anything these turbulent times are unusual. This year, for example, there seems to be far more clarity going forwards as to what to expect, but far less […]
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Blog - ESG, Grappling with the KPI’s to Drive Ongoing Sustainable Change

ESG, Grappling with the KPI’s to Drive Ongoing Sustainable Change

Corporates have not necessarily fully grasped the influences that they have over driving sustainability, nor the actions that will be required to support their specific ESG initiatives.  Global warming, decarbonisation, achieving carbon neutrality for building and / or cars are all frequently referenced and associated with sustainability, but it is the specific nature of ESG […]
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Blog - Working Smartly with PropTech to Create the Workplace of the Future

Working Smartly with PropTech to Create the Workplace of the Future

With 2022 fast approaching, some business functional areas within property corporations will be striving to achieve the highest numbers possible, whilst others will be aiming for zero. Latest PropTech will be driving this forwards through the enabling of smarter, more interconnected processes to bring together various internal and external data sets in a much more […]
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